December 02
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Can I add my own words I'd like the bot to respond to?
Yes, you can customize the responses for specific terms within Slack. For example, you could set a custom response for "her", "his", etc.
Can I remove words so the bot doesn't respond to them?
Yes, you can ignore words from AllyBot’s dictionary. If you are not on a plan that supports this feature, please email
Is pricing per user or per workspace?
Pricing is per workspace.
How do I view analytics?
Reports are sent out on the 1st of each month to the person who installed the app. If you are on the Enterprise plan, you can have multiple report users.
Are there options for our Slack users to "opt in/out" of Ally bot notifications on an individual basis, or will it automatically apply to everyone in our Slack instance?
Users do have the ability to permanently ignore AllyBot’s suggestions for specific terms (e.g. a user could opt out of getting notified about using "guys"). Users currently can not opt out of AllyBot altogether.

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